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ImproMunichorn – Your place for learning improv!

We are Munich’s platform for everything improv related! We offer made-to-order workshops, courses, shows, and more in English and German! Contact us to find out more!

Explore different aspects of improvisation including connection, teamwork, communication, and scene building, with lots of opportunity for play. Learn how to embrace your mistakes and turn them into gifts! It’s not just theatre, it’s a life skill! Whether short form, long form, musical or business improv, we’ve got something to tickle your improv funny bone!

Come learn and play with us! Contact us to organize a course or a workshop today! info@impromunichorn.de

-Improv coaching
-Format workshops/courses (Harold, Freeform, Musical etc…)

-Teamwork & Communication workshops
-Improvising in Sales
-Pitching Workshops
-Better Business with Improv

-Intro to Improv workshops
-Dive into English with Improv
-Teamwork and Communication for Teachers and/or Students
-Using Improv in the Classroom

With our Workshops, you’ll:

  • create a high level of engagement and interaction among participants.
  • promote the value and benefits of teamwork and cooperation among participants
  • provide an opportunity for participants to develop meaningful relationships with one another regardless of cultural background or which language is spoken
  • be involved in variety of experiential activities that foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration among participants
  • foster commitment, candor, and constructive dialogue among participants
  • provide participants with the basic understanding and principles needed for effective teamwork
  • engage participants in team-building activities that are informative, educational, and fun

Some of our most recent clients include:

Allianz Compliance
The United Nations World Food Programme
Stadt München
STARK Verlag
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Pädagogisches Institut München
Max-Plank Institute

Meet fantastic people, and come play with us!

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